Sexual Police by Native

Sexual Police by Native

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The character “Sexual Police” is featured in the doujinshi with the same name, Sexual Police!, in where she overlooks the law and submits herself to the cause.

Striking a pose similar to Yoshii Hotori and packing more than just emotional baggage, the Sexual Police does live up to the name; business up front, fire drill in the back.

The deal with a full-castoff feature is not always a favorable one. When you choose to have removable underwear over them painted directly on the figure the compromise is added bulkiness.

When it comes to assembly, it may be worth pointing out that to make good use of both holes you have to spread her legs through force. Another word of caution is that the figure’s left arm is attached to the left buttock so when you separate the torso from the lower body make sure that the left arm is not pulled in the same direction as the upper body.

This was my second Native figure and expectations were once again met in full. Sexual Police was a great sculpt with a build quality that shows off what companies are able to achieve in 2013.




Good cop bad cop


Flash (partial gel), glass surface (liquid spray), incense

Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native
Sexual Police by Native


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    May 29, 2013

    bonjour ^ö^

    This is a lovely police figure, the outfit is really cute withe round hat and the gloves.
    The sweet face with the lively facial expression and wide smile is also something I really like about this figure.
    *puuh* she is quite spread there, I totally understand why to keep it in the shadows ;)
    I prefer it nice and closed like on Hotori, actually ^^ Yet police girl has a nice ass.
    Haha the outstretched rear totally overshadows her not so small bomb shape boobs.

    The cuffs seem to be a funny part of the figure, I got some ideas *cough*

    nice pictures of her, even though a frontal picture wouldn’t have been bad ^

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    September 30, 2014

    nice review and photos, im looking foward to buy this figure.

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