Project details Rana joins her fellow Sexy version cast of Satellizer and Ingrid and much like with the ladies before her she's presented lying down wearing next to nothing, hence the obligatory sexy attribute. Past experiences with these larger Freezing figures

Project details Many times overshadowed by her bubbly female cast, Yui Kotegawa battles bottled up emotions that carry the affection for the male protagonist in Saki Hasemi's harem comedy manga To Love-Ru. While Alphamax went with the more popular girls from To

Project details Orchid Seed's recently released Kurumu Kurono, a sexually frustrated succubi from the series Rosario + Vampire, is up for interpretation. Kurumu is based off this artwork and the most striking difference is that Orchid Seed have stripped the almost

Project details Native based their figure of Yoshii Hotori off an original illustration by the artist abec who's unbeknownst to me, while a more familiar face turned up on the sculpting side in Kawanishi Ken who shaped the entire lineup of