Same face, different name. That pretty much sums up Tony Taka, leading illustrator of two-dimensional women. Today we’ll review a character from his Tony’s Heroine Collection in “Fairy Garden” Annabel which is a figure following Daisy who was crafted from the same concept; two original characters both sharing a transparent gown and two large butterfly wings on their backs. While I regret not getting Daisy I find that Annabel has a more interesting facial expression for the kind of photography that I prefer.

Outfit aside they also have a common manufacturer in Kotobukiya, a company I have limited experience with and that single experience was far from optimal. With this figure however any lingering doubt is quickly cast aside; Annabel is a beautifully crafted 1/6 figure, a scale that is often considered a gem among figure sizes. At a height of roughly 27 cm (10.53 in) coupled with the two majestic wings blending fuchsia and periwinkle the figure makes for a stunning display.

I’d have to be very picky to find any kind of flaw and the only one I can think of is that there’s no information on which parts can be detached when you’re removing the plastic wrappers nestled around the head, neck, wings and torso when unboxing the figure. For reference, you can remove the head and wings although I wouldn’t recommend doing the latter as they’re particularly fragile.

Recently there was a third character shown off during an event which most likely will please all the hebeflies out there. With Kotobukiya continuing to shine in the 1/6 segment one wouldn’t be too surprised to find future joint projects with Tony Taka considering the response they’ve been getting from these figures. Praise well earned if you ask me.

With 2014 behind us which was a huge disappointment figure wise for me, this year is already off to a great start with Annabel being one of those great pieces worth waiting for. Things are looking promising ahead as well with SkyTube carrying the torch, Native redeeming themselves and Alter revisiting a manga I’m quite fond of.

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  1. wieselhead

    That glowing dress effect is beautiful, like also the rest of this setup, hopefully there were no angry bugs around. I like this one a little more, since the colors are nicer.
    The more elegant expression together with the tilted neck give something very charming. The lack clothes in combination with this half translucent veil gives her a sexy appearance but somewhat toned down to pass the modesty of the Fairy realm.

    The planned figure is also quite appealing, if the face turns out right in 3D, she should be nice, too. Btw, what are hebeflies?

    • Nightmare

      Lucubrate light and prosper. The idea was to give Annabel, being a mythical creature, something of a mystical nature. There’s certainly more color and maturity to this character compared to Daisy but they both have their own charms and boldly chosen wardrobe.

      Character number three, supposedly called Freesia has an interesting color palette and I like her right (our left) twin-tail that’s far longer than its twin and being accompanied by a vine gives it an almost wood-like appearance. Curious to see what it will look like when painted.

      I’ll leave the question at the end to your imagination.

  2. Adam

    Great photos as usual. I ordered Annabel from a domestic shop, so it will probably be another month or so before I get to see her first-hand, but judging from your review she won’t likely disappoint.

    My only complaint with Daisy is that they applied a glossy finish to her eyes, which tends to produce unwanted reflections during photo shoots. Given the similarity between the two figures, I expect that Annabel was given a similar treatment, but I haven’t seen anything to confirm one way or the other.

    • Nightmare

      Domestic is sadly not an option around here as the only two sources closed shop over a year ago. They were always good for catching figures that went under the radar. I figured Annabel would’ve been sold out by now seeing as how quickly Daisy filled up pre-orders upon release but she’s still available on the bigger Japanese sites.

      There’s not that much light fired away at her eyes in the pictures shown here but going through test shots from the shoot reveal a minimal amount of glare so I’m guessing they may have changed something. In that regard Daisy was pretty bad but everything else about that figure was rather pleasing to the eye.


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