Born in the summer of 2011, Neath Grim launched as a project to combine two hobbies in figure collecting and photography.

Stumbling across plenty of interesting characters helped appreciate the mindset and work ethics found in people with similar interests to one’s own.

As the figure collection grew, so did the aspiration to portray characters in an own style as the sponge kept soaking.

The primary focus lied in two figures a month, replication of official production shots and absolutely no hints of skin.


While the interest in figure collecting waned over time, photography kept going in the opposite direction.

Fellow like-minded figure reviewers keep serving as a source of inspiration and sounding board.

A preference is set in heavy shadow play and chiaroscuro. Post-processing used to be a hindrance, now an invaluable tool.

The primary focus lie in shooting figures deemed worthy of portrayal with a preference in artistic nudity.



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